Bark – Parental Control Software Review

Knowing the location of your child at all times is essential, especially if they are out with their friends under 18. Bark – Parental Control Monitoring App allow you to use a GPS tracking application on any device to view the location of your kids and be sure that they are safe at all time.

This app uses cell phone towers to determine where are your children’s and what they are doing with their phones. This means that the Bark app works with all mobile phones, even if they don’t have Internet or WiFi access. You can use Bark to instantly track any cell phone that is turned on and communicates with a tower.

Bark accurately tracks the location of your children using GPS technology without draining their phone’s battery life. Bark also provides information about where they are shopping, dining, staying out late, travelling to and more. Using Bark will let you be certain that your kids are in safe hands when they are out with their friends under 18 or when it’s time for them to come home.

App Details

– Bark is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones/devices

– Bark helps parents control what happens online

– Bark enables parents to monitor kids online activity but respects privacy, albeit partially

– Bark is a free download from the Apple or Google Play Stores

Why you needs Bark

The Bark app takes away the stress of not knowing what your kids are getting up to when they’re out for a drive, running errands or going to football practice. Regular phone calls and texts between parent and child ensure that both parties always know where their children are. You can even set notifications so that you get alerted every time your child arrives home safely from school! Parents with teenagers who have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat can also use Bark to keep an eye on which sites they’re visiting most frequently. Through Bark’s website, you’ll be able to view a history of all the messages sent back and forth through these apps – providing peace of mind in case you think your children, for example, maybe bullied or in danger on social media. Bark also provides real-time location tracking through GPS. Bark can be used for all children in your family, even when you’re not their parent; Bark is great for grandchildren who live far away or to help babysitters keep track of any trips they make with kids staying in their care. Bark lets parents create profiles for every member of the family so that Bark operates like a mini social network within your family unit. You’ll always know where everyone is and what they’re doing because Bark’s app will send you notifications every time they update their status!

Be wary if someone tells you Bark is meant just for children or just for adults because this would be incorrect. Bark works both ways: protecting young people from strangers and keeping an eye on older. In any case, adults sometimes need to be looked after too, especially if there is reason to worry about them. Bark makes it easy to keep everyone straight, so parents can know when to be concerned and when they need not worry, the same way Bark works for teens.

Bark’s Operating System has many extra features that can help you become more aware of your child’s life, motivating them to develop good habits. Bark lets you know what apps they’re using and how often they’re using them, whether or not they’ve read messages that you sent via Bark (and if not, why), how much time is spent texting or online in general. Bark also allows parents to block devices for certain periods of time – like when they should be studying instead of on their phone!

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