10 reasons to use the Qustodio parental control app

It’s no secret that kids are getting more and more tech-savvy, from toddlers using tablets to learn to teens playing games and interacting with their friends online. The rapidly growing technological innovations can cause any parent’s head to spin. As a result, many apps have been developed over the years to keep children safe online. But there’s one that seems to stand out among the rest. 

Qustodio is Scott Leffler from the internet made simple. 

Below are 10 reasons why Qustodio may be ideal for keeping children safe online. 

The reason number 10: to monitor your child’s devices

While your kids do their part by learning good online practices, there’s still a big part of parents can play to ensure no unwanted attention or activity comes their way. Parental control app like Qustodio does a fantastic job of monitoring everything from emails to social media apps like TickTock and Snapchat. 

A helpful feature of Qustodio is its ability to scan for specific words associated with the kinds of content you want to shield from your children. Once identified, the website or post with the specific words will be blocked. This feature has a number of handy suggestions built into it and allows parents to add their own words. 

Number nine: manage what your children find on search engines

Kids may sometimes find things online that are inappropriate for their age. While there are protective features built into the leading search engines, such as google’s safe search feature. These filters are not always 100 reliable. This is why Qustodio’s feature to monitor web searches on all major search engines is a key tool for blocking out all inappropriate content. Parents can adjust the level of protection they want on the family portal interface. 

Number eighth: stop any unwanted spending on your account

More and more games are being released for free on smartphones and tablets with microtransactions included. So that players can buy custom skins or weapons. It’s functions like this that make the game company money. If a parent’s credit card details are inadvertently saved onto a child’s profile, it could spell disaster for their bank account. Luckily Qustodio has implemented a function that forces the child to ask their parents to lift the lock of an in-game purchase. This not only prevents parents getting a nasty surprise when they get your monthly statement but will also teach kids about the value of money, a skill set that will undoubtedly help them throughout their lives.

Number seven: optimal screen time management

Even as adults, we can sometimes get carried away with how long we use our phones and computers. Children who enjoy visual stimulation have yet to develop these self-control skills to break up activities and effectively manage their time. With Qustodio, you can set limits on the time spent on certain apps or games and review the activity timeline that shows you exactly where the child is spending their time online. This is also a fantastic way to make sure they’re doing their homework and studies without having to pop your head over their shoulder every few minutes.

Number six: to track your child’s location with GPS

You know where your child naturally brings peace of mind. And with GPS technology built into smartphones and tablets. It’s now easier than ever to track your child’s location using parental control apps. Qustodio is no different. Capable of pinpointing your kid’s location with complete accuracy. Assuming the GPS tracking is enabled on the device they’re carrying. If you’re worried about your child using GPS tracking to add a location to any social media posts, this too can be disabled through the app.  

Number five: even tech-savvy kids can’t get around Qustodio

Qustodio’s content filtering and web blocking features are seriously impressive. Even tech-savvy children and teens will find it difficult to break the encrypted app and its features. This means that you don’t have to worry about finding workarounds to hide their online activity from you. Of course, you’ll need to do your part by keeping your password a secret and changing it regularly. If your child manages to get into your device, they could easily adjust the limitations on their accounts. 

Number four: defend your child’s online reputation

Adults and children flood the internet with social media posts and pictures documenting their lives. Although some of this may go unnoticed, the internet’s a sponge that sucks up as much information as possible. Because of this treasure trove of information, many colleges and companies use search engines to snoop around on social media to find out more about potential students or employees. This could mean the difference between being accepted into a position or not. Regardless of how long ago an embarrassing photograph or post was shared unless the user actively goes to the source to delete it. It may be discovered. Qustodio allows parents to monitor what their child posts on their social media platforms so that nothing is embarrassing that could come back to bite them later on in life.

Number three: advanced email monitoring

Spam emails that slip through the net and into our main inbox can be annoying and sometimes harmful to our devices. Although, as adults, it’s pretty obvious that we don’t have a long-lost uncle who wants to give us a million-dollar inheritance, children are far more naive. With Qustodio email monitoring, harmful emails sent to your child will be immediately flagged and reported to you. The app also allows the parents to keep an eye on all in-going and outgoing emails to ensure their kids stay safe online.

If the child is using an android device, Qustodio’s premium service will also allow parents to read the private content of text messages being sent and received. 

This also goes for Facebook messages too, as long as the feature has been enabled on the family portal interface.

Number two: Qustodio has a built-in panic button

One of the best features that Qustodio offers is the panic button. Kids can access the panic button through the app on their smartphone, which instantly activates an alert to parents, and anyone close by having a protective feature that can be used in real life is a fantastic addition to the app. Partnered with the GPS tracking function, your child can be protected no matter where they are.

Number one: Qustodio teaches good cyber etiquette

As children grow older, their positive decision-making skills are still developing. Unfortunately, this also relates to the internet, where bad influences can lead to destructive behaviors. By implementing custodial’s control functions, your children will grow to understand what’s deemed appropriate on the internet and what’s not. Over time this will improve their online etiquette and encourage them to stay away from dangerous areas.

Having a chat with your kids about the types of things you’re helping them avoid will further their understanding of the dangers of the web. In addition, having an open and honest relationship with your young ones will help strengthen the family bonds and go a long way in their personal growth. Finally, letting your children know that you’re monitoring their devices will be for the best as you’ll need your child’s account information, including passwords, to access some features of Qustodio.

Parents can often overlook parental controls because they’re not fully aware of what can be found on the internet or believe there are already safety measures protecting their children without having a good look themselves. However, with the help of apps like Qustodio, you can rest a little easier knowing your child is protected when surfing the web.

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